Festive Rose
Colorful Wooden Roses    
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1) How long do wooden roses last?
       They last forever.

2) What is the retail price?
       The suggested retail price is $2.99 per rose.

3) Can I re-sell them?
      Yes, you may re-sell them at the Suggested retail price.

4) Can I keep them outside?
       Wooden roses are made of thin shavings of wood,
         therefore outdoor use would be temporary and
         not recommended.

5) Can I get them wet?
        No, it is not recommended.       

6) Why buy wooden roses instead of real roses?
       Nothing is better than a real rose. However real roses
       don’t last, so for decoration they are less than ideal.
       Wooden roses will last forever.

7) What do I do with them?  
       They make great gifts. Many people like to put them
        where natural flowers are usually kept. The advantage to
         wooden roses, is that they don’t need water, so
         they don’t have to be in a vase.
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