Festive Rose
Colorful Wooden Roses    
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We love festivals, and desired to be a part of great events.           
However, we didn’t want to sell just anything, we wanted
to add to the event, to provide something that would
enhance everyone's experience.
After much consideration, we came up with our criteria
for what we would offer, we wanted it to be something
  1) That would stand out.
   2) Bring enjoyment after the event.
  3) Last a long time.
  4) Bring Fond memories of the event.
  4) Be affordable.....very affordable.
Wooden roses met the criteria.
We knew that wooden roses would be cherished by many
who attend events, but what we didn’t expect is the
huge response of people wanting to buy more wooden
roses after the event was over. Time and again, people
were asking for business cards, wanting to know our
web site, and how to get in touch with us later. That is
why we decided to make available, world wide, our
beautiful wooden roses through this web site.

Well, that is just a little about us. If you would like to
learn more, please stop by our booth at our next
festival. We look forward to meeting you!